Dr. Beth Ann Glick-Scroggins, PhD
Life/Executive/Personal Coach and Career Consultant: Meeting Your Goals for growth, happiness, health, joy, love and success at work, school, home and play
137 Shannon Circle Alameda, Ca. 94502 Phone/Fax 510 521-7889
Email:drbethgs@comcast.net web:konacoolcondo.com

Aloha All,
This letter is to let you know that Dr. Beth Ann Glick is opening up a coaching practice. The focus is on life growth, executive development, and personal happiness by coming up with specific goals for your growth, happiness, health, joy and success at work, home or play. Some issues in life that might lead to a need to change or growth are: loss-of a parent, child, spouse or job; low self-esteem-lack of confidence; feeling overly stressed; family problems with your partner, parents, children or siblings; school or job stress; getting poor work reviews or struggling in school; transitions from a birth, marriage or child leaving home; job loss and needing a new career/life direction; feeling stuck in your career; inability to get along with co-workers; serious illness or health related issues; grief; inability to have children; choosing to remain childless; problems with a boss or employee; wanting to start your own business and clarifying the process; needing to close an unsuccessful business and evaluate what to do next; wanting to love and be loved but being unable to do so; marital or premarital decisions or goals for the relationship; separation, divorce and dissolution of a relationship; blending two families or remarriage; parent and step-parenting questions and finding solutions, parenting teens; being a foster parent or adopting; retirement, financial constraints and reaffirming a life plan; maintaining physical health and an exercise program; becoming more functioning in your life; expanding your creative spirit; finding your life's path; finding what makes you happy and increasing your ability to feel great joy.
I will help you define your goals and take the realistic steps to reach them, in a focused way so that you succeed in reaching them versus thinking you never will. We all need to be an actor in our own lives and to be willing and able to star in our own life's play. We must feel good about ourselves and our abilities in order to reach our own personal heights. My own positive outlook, problem solving abilities, ability to help you think outside the box and evaluate your goals so they are realistic-will help assure that your endeavors will be successful. We will plot out the steps to make the change -goal happen and be sure that you are taking those steps by your self report. If you are not taking positive steps we will look at why you are not-are the steps too big, are you undermining yourself, is this truly your goal, why the roadblock? We will collaborate in seeing that you grow in a healthy direction.
Please call now 510 521-7889 and set up an appointment to change your life for the better. Please don't hesitate to call me for more information about how coaching can change your life in a positive direction-you will be glad you did. I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you soon! You can also email me at: drbethgs@comcast.net. While in person interviews are best-if you live out of town we can arrange to work over the phone. Mahalo for reading this letter-this is the first step in making a positive and lasting change!
Dr. Beth Ann Glick-Scroggins, PhD.